If you are an adult smoker who has made the switch to JUUL, we want to hear your story. Submissions may be featured on the community page which lives on and other channels.

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Here are a few guidelines that we are looking for to ensure JUUL can feature you on the community page.
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  • Photo must be of you alone.
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  • When did you switch to JUUL

Please also answer ONE of these questions in your video submission

  • Why did you make the switch to JUUL?
  • What does JUUL mean to you?
  • What would you tell a smoker who is considering making the switch to JUUL?

To ensure that we are able to use your content, please note the following when filming your submission.

  • No health claims (e.g. JUUL is better than cigarettes, JUUL made me healthier, increased lung function etc.)
  • JUUL is not a smoking cessation product, please be mindful of claims that imply such use
  • Mindful of saying vaping or using JUUL instead of smoking JUUL
  • No snapchat or other filters
  • No visible logos
  • You must be the only person in your video

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